Saturday, 18 January 2014

Horrible History

Yesterday, after school, I took my daughter's 9 year-old to the library. Amongst other books,  he chose three Horrible History books, the ones about The Vikings, The Romans and World War Two, which he is learning about at school.

Actually, I read a bit of the Horrible History The Romans. It's really interesting and a good starting point for a historical author who wants to write about a period he/she is unfamiliar with.

My grandson came to my house delighted because he has graduated from writing with a pencil to writing with a pen. "It's taken me four years, since I first started school, to be given a pen by my teacher," he explained. "And," he added, "one of my friends is very upset because he didn't get a pen, and he writes better than me but I think it's because his w's aren't formed properly. And now, grandma, I am going to copy you and write historical fiction. Can children be published?"

"Maybe," I replied, "but I think they can enter competitions." Phew, he shares my lifelong interest in history.

He is the third want-to-write-books child in my family.  One of them has written two excellent stories about a dragon quest.

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