Thursday, 30 January 2014

Asparagus and New Potatoes

An enjoyable day today. I went through another 50 pages of the galley of The Captain and The Countess, which will be published on the 21st February by MuseItUp Publishing. I then went out shopping for clothes with my daughter.

I didn't find any clothes I liked, but we ended up at Tesco where I bought 6 asparagus plants and some seed potatoes - first early salad potatoes called Charlotte. Last year I grew my first, second an maincrop potatoes in containers and in the ground. The former did best to I shall grow them all in containers this year. I've decided to grow some expensive vegetables this year so the asparagus will be a welcome addition to my vegetarian cuisine, and so will the globe artichokes which are in small pots in the greenhouse waiting to be planted out.

When I returned home the contractor phoned me and we agreed work on my new kitchen will begin on the 18th of February. I am really looking forward to the job being completed by the beginning of March.

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