Saturday, 30 November 2013

A Hindhu Wedding

I attended my youngest nephew's wedding in a beautifully decorated conference room at a large banqueting centre.

There were approximately 500 guests to witness the bride in a magnificent white silk sari beautifully embellished with red and green beadwork and embroidery, and the bridegroom in a white heavy silk tunic worn over matching trousers, tight at the ankles.

All the ladies and little girls were resplendent in colourful outfits and jewellery, and the men, many who wore slippers with pointed toes reminiscent of Aladdin, and colourful tunics and trousers were equally resplendent.

I met people I had not seen for many years including a couple of ladies who I taught at secondary school in Nairobi.

The wedding ceremony was followed by a formal lunch - flat breads, curries, a savoury, rice, sweets and much more.

I returned home tired but happy.

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