Sunday, 7 July 2013

5* review of Far Beyond Rubies

Far Above Rubies has received five star reviews, one of which is as follows:-

“Hot Hero, Great Research, Touch of the Exotic, 24 Mar 2013


J. Pittam "Maythorn. "This review is from: Far Beyond Rubies (Kindle Edition)

It was great to see that there's a new Rosemary Morris out. I like her exquisite attention to detail, and she writes in the reign of Queen Anne, which is something a bit different from the usual Regency romance. In this new book, which I have to admit I raced through and will now read again, the heroine Juliana is stunned to discover that, according to her half-brother William, she and her sister are bastards.

The tale of how Gervaise Seymour helps her, how she helps herself, her sister and her various strays is quite enchanting.

Rosemary uses her knowledge of India, very pertinent in this period, to bring a spice of something different to this novel. Her 'tanned hero' is no pallid, painted Englishman but one who has travelled, married and been widowed on that exotic continent, thus earning himself the nickname 'Beau Hindu' amongst the fashionable in London.

This novel is not a light book, as it contains research into the politics, religion and morality of the reign of Queen Anne. However the research informs the novel quite naturally and I found this to be a lovely, sparkling romance. It is somewhat in the style of the late Georgette Heyer, although I think after four novels Rosemary Morris is developing a voice of her own.

Suitable for those who like a cracking good historical romance set in England, wll-researched, sensual but no explicit sex.”


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