Sunday, 12 May 2013

Regency Snippets - Servants, Rules

"1817 - Rules to be Strictly Observed

The Servants are all to dine at one o'clock, before the Parlour Dinner, both Upper and Under Servants, and to breakfast and sup at nine - and no hot suppers.

The Butler, or Groom of Chambers, to see that the Servants' Hall and Powder Rooms are cleaned and locked up every night before 11 o'clock.

All the Servants to sleep in the house when the family is at Blenheim; unless with special leave for any particular cause.

The Under Butler to be assisted by all the Footmen in turns, as there will be be no Plate Maid.

The plate to be washed by the Stillroom Maids and in the Stillroom, from whence the Under Butler must fetch it.

The plate to be kept and cleaned in the Pantry, and the present dark Plate Room to be shut up.

All the Glass etc., to be kept in the waiting room and closets adjoining; and to be cleared out of the dining room after dinner.

The Butler to keep the key and take charge of the Ale Cellars; also to superintend all the menservants and to keep the Accounts, passing them all with Mr Fellows.

No meals to be allowed anywhere, excepting the Servants' Hall and Stewards' Room. Breakfast excepted.

No Garden Men or Milkmen to have their meals here.

No Posthorses or hacks to be taken into the Stables; being so near Woodstock.

This ended on a firm note. Should any objections be made to these reforms those persons may retire."

The Profligate Duke by Mary Soames.

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