Friday, 17 May 2013

Regency Snippets - Extracts from my file.

Well, I've been through my file of Regency Snippets that I originally compliled for my personal reference. I hope you have enjoyed reading some of them.

I am now engaged in research for my new novel, Monday's Child, the sequel to Sunday's Child, and other novels set in the Regency era that I plan to write.

There are a number of books I intend to beg, borrow or buy to add to my modest library.

Captain Gronow:His Reminisences of Regency and Victorian Life 1810 - 1860 by Christopher Hibbert.

The Gentlemens' Clubs of London by Anthony Lejeune.

Regency Furniture 1800 -1830 by Clifford Musgrave.

Bucks and Bruisers:Pierce Egan and Regency England by John Reed.

Life in Regency England by R.J. White.

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