Friday, 1 March 2013

Far Worse Things in Life

My writing went smoothly this morning. If all goes according to plan I shall finish the pre-edits of my new novel in 7 to 10 days. Having finished working on a long chapter, I filled in and e-mailed the a cover art form for the book cover of my novel, Far Beyond Rubies, set in the reign of Queen Anne Stuart, 1702 - 1714, which will be published next month.

The rest of the day hasn't gone well. The contractor was supposed to finish his work today. The old fireplace and hearth have been removed and the wall replastered. He now needs to make good the floor and replace part of the dado rail but he hasn't turned up today.

The sitting room is full of dust, the heavy sofas have been moved and...well I could go on and on.

To make matters worse I am having guests to lunch tomorrow.

When I realised the contractor wouldn't finish today I took the leek and potato pie out of the freezer, cooked most of the food for tomorrow. All I need to do is make gravy and an apple crumble, as well as cleaning up. Hopefully the contractor will turn up to move the furniture. If not I'll have to ask my guests to help, which will be very embarassing.

It's no good getting upset, I'll have to wait and see what can be sorted out tomorrow.

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