Thursday, 14 February 2013

Submission to Publisher

This morning I checked and double checked my submissio and ran it through the grammar and spell check on the computer and then submitted it with the hope that the publisher will ask to read the complete novel which begins:

Chapter One

Cassio Castle – South East England


Alice stumbled after the sturdy squire, who guided her from her home in Lovage village to the nearby island fortress, Cassio Castle. After ascending steep stone stairs, they trod the length of a dim corridor. The squire halted. He pointed at a massive oak door which stood ajar. “In there.”

With faltering footsteps Alice stepped across the threshold of a magnificent bedchamber furnished with a huge bed, painted coffers and many other items. She gasped for she had never imagined such luxury. Until now she only knew the two rooms in the thatched cottage she and her large family shared with the livestock they hoped would survive winter’s frozen grip. Here a log fire blazed and a blend of dried lemon balm and lavender, which she was familiar with, scented the air.

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