Saturday, 23 February 2013

My day

Another busy day. It started when I turned on the lap top at 6.a.m and started work on the novel I'm getting ready to submit. I completed the pre-edits for one chapter and tweaked it. I have now completed 100 pages out of 240. After I finish the pre-edits I shall read the novel from beginning to end looking for errors and making notes for the synopsis. When my synopsis and c.v. are ready I shall submit the novel. The nail biting period period will follow for about three months while I wonder if the publisher will accept it.

After I finished writing and reading e-mails I tidied the house. By then my 3 yr old granddaughter arrived with her 8 yr old brother. They got the toy farm out and really enjoyed sorting out fields, the farm yard, anmal pens etc., and a pond surrounded by artificial trees while I made a vegetable curry for lunch. Diced potatoes, peas, cubed paneer, (Indian curd cheese available from some supermarkets and Indian groceries). tomatoes and spices  I serve it with chappatis, green salad and yoghurt. Their mum joined us and we really enjoyed it as well as the pudding, mango pulp.

The worst part after cooking is clearing up but my daughter loaded the dishwasher while the three year old sat on my lap and made up stories about the pictures in Mr Nosey who gets his come uppance for being so nosey.

The rest of the day was quiet, I read, watched a corny film and am now working on the lap top again.

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