Thursday, 7 February 2013

Growing organic food.

I am planning what to grow in my greenhouse and organic garden.

At the moment, in spite of the heavy snow earlier in the year, and the cold weather, I have curly kale, New Zealand spinach, brussel sprouts, winter cabbage, turnips and beetroot greens (which can be cooked like spinach) in the garden; and I have lambs lettuce and radishes in the greenhouse.

Every year I grow something new. Two years ago I planted an expensive disease resistant peach tree but so far it has only produced one delicious peach. This year I am going to grow a dwarf, self-fertile, nectarine that I can grow in the greenhouse and which will crop well. Talk about being optimistic!

Keen gardeners always visualise perfection but rarely achieve it, howevewr if one thing fails something else is sure to be successful. Usually I manage to grow 50 or 60% of my own fruit, herbs and vegetables. I also utilise weeds such as dandelions in various ways.

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