Saturday, 22 December 2012

Two Medieval Christmas Games

Two Medieval Christmas Games

Hoodman Blind, or Blind Man’s Buff, was a popular game in times past. The blind man or woman’s eyes were covered by their hood, which was turned back to front. The object of the game was to catch another player, who then became the blind man or woman.

Later, presumably when hoods were no longer fashionable the blind man, woman or child’s eyes were covered by a scarf. The blindfolded person was turned round and round and then set free to catch someone and guess who it was.

Another popular game, the modern version of which is trying to catch an apple bobbing in water with the player’s teeth was Snap Dragon. Dried fruit floated in brandy which was set on fire. The players then snatched a currant or other fruit risking burnt fingers and burnt mouths. A second version was trying to take a bite out of an apple which was suspended on a string with a lighted candle without burning the face.

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