Friday, 24 August 2012

Simple Pleasures

These days children have so many indoor and outdoor toys, not to mention the i pads, laptops,computers,wi fi, on line games etc., etc.

This week my son sank a very small garden pond into my lawn. On Wednesday my daughter's sons filled it with water, then went home and caught some of the frogs in the long grass beneath their trampoline and them brought them to my house and put them in the pon. Worried because they thought the ponds might not be able to get out they put sticks in it to act as escape routes.

Yesterday, I took the boys and their 3 yr old sister to a pond centre. They loved the fountains, the ponds, the fresh water and tropical fish etc. We bought 6 water snails, a pond plant and some oxygenating plants. When we returned to my house they erupted into the garden to set up the modest pond.

The most expensive toy could not have bought the pleasure they gained from the little pond, the purpose of which is to attract frogs to eat slugs,

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