Sunday, 6 May 2012

Rain, rain go away.

This year in S.E. England we enjoyed some unseasonable hot weather, which was followed by heavy rain. Of course we needed the rain, water levels were very low but the hose pipe ban is like a death knell for gardeners. And now it's cold and wet which delays sowing herbs, fruit and vegs. To make matters worse a late frost has been forecast, and that will ruin my crops of apples, cherries, greengages, pears,.
However, I still have Swiss Chard, New Zealand Spinach and Curly Kale. As for the broad beans, they love the rain and are reaching for the sky.

I have a sunny bed - if we ever see the sun again - in my front garden, which I manured, and in which I then planted perpetual strawberries in. The strawberry plants in the adjacent bed have been there for some time. I'm not sure how long they will go on fruiting. As I write I can almost taste freshly picked, sun warmed strawberries that are nothing like the sour ones purchased in supermarkets. (By the way, even if you haven't got much space you can grow strawberries in pots.)

Some of the herbs, particularly fragrant dill and tasty chives are sprouting so, to use a pun, my grow your own garden is not a complete wash out.

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