Friday, 13 April 2012

Lucky Seven

I am working on a new novel called Tangled Lives set in England in Queen Anne's reign 1702 - 1714.

Here is a seven line extract from page 77.

William dabbed the blood oozing onto the white lace at his throat with his silk handkerchief. “I do not understand what you mean.”
“Lord Kemp, if Mistress Kemp challenges you in an English court of law and it decides her mother’s betrothal to Monsieur Sarazzin should have been upheld, to all intents and purposes your father would have been a bigamist.” Gervaise grinned. “Even if you had the satisfaction of your half-sisters being declared illegitimate, would it not be as pretty a kettle of fish as you ever did see?”

And here are seven authors whose work I enjoy. Benita Brown, Freda Lightfoot, Margaret Chrisawn, Mirella Patzer, Roseanne Dowell, Rosalie Skinner and last but not least Wally Rabbani

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