Saturday, 9 April 2011

Chance Encounter

Yesterday, I needed more plant pots so I went to the Pound Shop and then visited Wilkinsons, where I bought some brackets and chains for hanging baskets and some trailing fuschias.

A bit hot and tired, I lunched at British Home Stores and sat at a table opposite an amazing gentleman who must have been about 90. He started chatting to me about healthy, organic food, something I'm so passionate about that I grow about 60% of my own. He then asked me what I do and when he learned I write romantic historicals, amazed me by his knowledge of Queen Anne's era in which Tangled Love is set. Chatting to him was a delight and I hope I bump into him again.

Rosemary Morris.

Tangled Love 27/01/2012 MuseItUp Publishers

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