Thursday, 24 January 2008

That charming, plaguey Justin

Does anybody else live on 'Cloud Nine' when planning their novels? I
love this part of the process of novel writing.

But Justin, my new hero, is intrusive. He won't go away. He is so
demanding that when thinking of him I nearly burned the spaghetti
sauce while cleaning the dining room table. And his partner to be is
taking shape in my mind - both her characteristics and physical
appearance. Oh dear, amongst other things, Justin wants me to go on
a shopping spree with him to make sure I know what he likes and
dislikes. And he's so bossy he will soon be writing letters to me
to tell me all about himself, where he was born, who his parents are
etc., etc, but I'm sure it will be interesting

But please, pretty please, Justin and whatever your name don't wake
me up in the middle of the night again to ask my advice, I need my

All the best,


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